How Much Should You Expect For Your Website Development Cost?

There is no exact answer for when people ask how much their website will cost them because all web development projects are unique. The internet is littered with website creator tools that can help you make a site for free but it comes as no surprise that these sites don’t even come close to making the sort of impact a personalized website would.

In this article, we’ll discuss the average cost of website development and why you shouldn’t take the cheapest route in such matters.

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How Much Does A Website Cost? We Break Down The Financial Question

Drag-and-drop web creators can help you create a site for free and spend no more than a couple of hundred dollars for premium features each year. But how many hyper-successful sites have you heard of that run on such platforms? Not many, of course.

Thus when we talk of website development cost, we’re actually referring to the expenses needed to finance an original development and design effort taken up by either a freelance developer or a web development agency.

For a freelancer, the average eCommerce website development cost (more or less the same for local business sites) will lie between $500 and $5,000. This, of course, is only an average approximation, after all, each professional knows how to value their work and thus everyone places a different price tag on their work.

There is only one limitation here: a freelancer is an individual – if you want the best talents of each field to get involved in your project at the stages most relevant to them, you’ll need to hook up with a web development agency.

While nothing beats the quality of teamwork in website development, the project cost will be higher, at least $3,000 but much higher than this usually. However, if you want a site that is both visually impressive and functionally sound, this is the best option.

Bottom Line

Your website can only be as good as you’re willing to invest in it.

If you don’t have the resources yet, you can get something out of drag-and-drop creators.

But if you really want to leave your mark on the internet, contact an expert web developer and invest smartly in your project.

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